Why New View Safety started

Across most industries, the rates of serious injury and fatality are stalling (and in some cases like Agriculture, reversing). Known as the ‘safety plateau’, behavioural and cultural approaches have been applied with only some success. What is needed is a paradigm shift – a ‘new view’ that extends and enhances traditional safety management with a fresh perspective. New View Safety brings a modern approach to health and safety management that will equip you with the capabilities needed to meet the emerging and future demands of work.

Meet your experts

Dr Tristan Casey

Dr Tristan Casey is an expert in safety leadership and organisational culture. With a career in workplace health and safety spanning over 15 years, he has consulted nationally and internationally across a diverse range of industries such as law enforcement, local government, utilities (water and power, including renewables), offshore oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing. Dr Casey is an endorsed Organisational Psychologist with two doctoral degrees, including his PhD that involved development and validation of the award-winning LEAD model. He continues to work alongside Prof Sidney Dekker and Dr Drew Rae as an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Griffith University’s Safety Science Innovation Lab, and is also Chief Scientist at the progressive consultancy Work Science.

Kym Bancroft

Kym Bancroft is a passionate, future state driven HSE professional presenting nearly 20 years of international experience in the industry. Kym has a Masters in Applied Psychology (Organisational) and a Masters in Safety Leadership, and has worked in various Health & Safety Executive roles for large state and multinational companies. Taking a contemporary approach, Kym incorporates psychological principles and human centered methodologies with safety innovation and evidence-based research to drive transformation across the workplace, creating high reliability, operational excellence, and a positive workplace culture.

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