What is it?

The New View Safety team are seasoned safety experts with experience across academic, industry, and government settings. Engaging with us for coaching sessions can bring you enhanced confidence and the implementation skills you need without having to make unnecessary and costly mistakes.

Why use coaching sevices?

Oftentimes it can be difficult to find a trusted coach and advisor who can provide you with rich opportunities for personal and professional development. Engaging in a series of sessions with the New View Safety team will help you to avoid costly mistakes, sound out your ideas and aspirations, refine strategy and plans for improvement, and receive the guidance and support you need.

Avoid costly and inconvenient mistakes

Avoid costly and inconvenient mistakes as you engage with our expert team to problem solve and innovate together.

Get expert advice

Use our experts as a sounding board for your safety innovation or visionary ideas, refine, and identify ways to implement them.

Receive guidance and support

Receive the guidance and support you need to accelerate your career and improve the impact and influence you can exert in your organisation.

Who’s it run by?

Our team of seasoned experts are well-versed in professional coaching techniques and have an extensive library of case studies, experiences, and outcomes that they can draw on to enrich your understanding and practice of the New View. The team has a range of professional backgrounds and can assist you in topic areas such as safety strategy development, management system review and improvement, understanding safety science ideas, and progressing specific innovative activities like leading indicator frameworks and due diligence measures.

Dr Tristan Casey

Dr Tristan Casey is an expert scientist-practitioner who has published ground-breaking New View Safety research and developed numerous tools and resources for implementation.

Kym Bancroft

Kym Bancroft is an experienced health and safety executive who has led the design and implementation of New View Safety across multiple industries.

Zoë Nation

Zoë Nation is a New View Safety advocate and expert in human factors and organisational performance practitioner from HF Integration, one of Australia’s largest human factors consultancies with an international work portfolio.

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