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Safety Systems Foundations

At New View Safety, we specialise in helping organisations build robust and contemporary Safety Management Systems that support operational safety. We understand the importance of creating a safety framework that enhances productivity and efficiency rather than hindering it. Our team can conduct an ISO 45001 gap analysis, identifying areas of improvement and providing expert guidance to align your safety practices with international standards.

Safety Culture Transformation

We believe that a strong safety culture is the foundation for a successful organisation. New View Safety partners with organisations to co-design end-to-end safety culture transformation initiatives using HOP/Safety Differently methodology. Our approach includes a comprehensive safety culture assessment, enabling us to understand your organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement. Based on the assessment, we develop a contemporary strategy and strategic initiatives tailored to your specific needs. We also provide support throughout the implementation process, ensuring the successful embedding of sustainable change within your organization.

Wellbeing & Safety Leadership

At New View Safety, we recognise the critical role of leadership in creating a culture of safety and wellbeing. We offer bespoke safety leadership training programs designed to empower your leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive positive safety outcomes. Our training can be delivered through various formats, including online modules, face-to-face sessions, or customised train-the-trainer programs, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your organisation. Our approach incorporates innovative and contemporary methodologies such as Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), Safety Differently, and the New View, ensuring that your leaders are equipped with the latest insights and practices to enhance safety and wellbeing in your workplace.


Oftentimes it can be difficult to find a trusted coach and advisor who can provide you with rich opportunities for personal and professional development. Engaging in a series of sessions with the New View Safety team will help you to avoid costly mistakes, sound out your ideas and aspirations, refine strategy and plans for improvement, and receive the guidance and support you need.

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The New View Safety team are highly sought-after international speakers with hundreds of conference and industry appearances. Whether you are running a major safety event or want to engage and educate key stakeholders in safety topics, the New View Safety team can assist. We offer an affordable and high-quality speaking team. Some of the topics we can design a bespoke presentation around include the following:

  • Introduction to contemporary safety thinking and innovation.
  • Safety training design to improve transfer.
  • Safety measurement best practices.
  • Cutting-edge safety leadership.
  • Value-adding safety auditing and inspection.
  • Next generation investigations and learning processes.
  • And many more topics…

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