Who we help – Safety Managers

What we do

New View is founded on high level and often abstract ideas, theories and models. For many Safety Managers, it is a difficult and laborious process to translate these ideas into organisational strategies and initiatives. We make this translation process efficient by fast-tracking the background research and providing tools and resources that operationalise your strategies in the form of a safety evolution ‘blueprint’.

We also offer comprehensive professional development programs for safety team members. Through an AIHS-endorsed masterclass and individual toolkits, we can rapidly upskill your team in the latest safety science and practice. Our expert program designers and facilitators share their considerable expertise and passion for safety innovation with program participants.

Finally, we provide Safety Managers with self-service or ‘do-it-yourself’ training toolkits and packages that can be customised to your organisation’s needs. These training packages are derived from successful implementations done by our team across multiple high-risk industries.

How we help Safety Managers

Implement innovative HSE strategy

Leverage effective tools, guidance, and supporting resources to implement an innovative New View HSE strategy in your organisation.

Training and development

Provide AIHS-endorsed training and development in the latest safety science and practice for your HSE team members.

Department synergy incorporation

Build synergies between different organisational departments through a unifying HSE strategy founded on New View concepts.

Safety Managers and Professionals can benefit

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