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From executives to employees, we can help you with your safety needs.


We help executives to form new health and safety strategies that incorporate both prevention and promotion orientations. We assist executives to design effective health and safety measurement frameworks that give new insights into how safety can be achieved, the current state of safety, and performance outcomes.

Safety Managers

We provide Safety Managers with self-service or ‘do-it-yourself’ training toolkits and packages that can be customised to your organisation’s needs. These training packages are derived from successful implementations done by our team across multiple high-risk industries.

Safety Professionals

New View Safety offers a combination of targeted toolkits to sharpen your skills in specific areas of safety need. We also provide opportunities for more in-depth learning via our 10-week masterclass that is also appropriate for workers with HSE responsibilities.

Small Business Owners

It’s no secret that small business owners wear many ‘hats’. Your diverse and unrelenting business responsibilities leave little time for learning and professional development, especially in specialist topics like HSE. Amongst this busy workplace setting, New View Safety offers many useful resources to make your business better.

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