What is it?

The New View Safety team are highly sought-after international speakers with hundreds of conference and industry appearances. Whether you are running a major safety event or want to engage and educate key stakeholders in safety topics, the New View Safety team can assist. We offer an affordable and high-quality speaking team. Some of the topics we can design a bespoke presentation around include the following:

  • Introduction to contemporary safety thinking and innovation.
  • Safety training design to improve transfer.
  • Safety measurement best practices.
  • Cutting-edge safety leadership.
  • Value-adding safety auditing and inspection.
  • Next generation investigations and learning processes.
  • And many more topics…

Who’s it run by?

New View Safety team members are engaging and dynamic speakers who can capture a room of 10 or 1,000. We can facilitate, inspire, educate, and engage frontline workers, safety professionals, and executives.

Kym Bancroft

Kym Bancroft is an experienced health and safety executive who has led the design and implementation of New View Safety across multiple industries.

Dr Tristan Casey

Dr Tristan Casey is an expert scientist-practitioner who has published ground-breaking New View Safety research and developed numerous tools and resources for implementation.

Zoë Nation

Zoë Nation is a New View Safety advocate and expert in human factors and organisational performance practitioner from HF Integration, one of Australia’s largest human factors consultancies with an international work portfolio.

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