What is it?

New View Safety DIY training packages are all-inclusive resources that consist of slide decks, facilitation notes, learning materials, and evaluation forms. These DIY training packages are designed to be readily implemented by safety professionals in support of a broader New View Safety vision and strategy. Benefit from the hundreds of hours of design, implementation, and evaluation done by the New View Safety team through developing this suite of robust training tools.

Why use DIY Training Packages?

Development of bespoke safety training programs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and require significant lead time to develop. Then there is the risk that what has been developed fails to land correctly, reducing training transfer and your return on investment. Avoid these pitfalls by engaging New View Safety to customise and upskill your internal trainers and safety personnel to roll-out a robust and effective training program.

Vision and strategy fast tracked

Fast track your New View Safety vision and strategy by leveraging robust and effective training materials

Upskill workforce through training

Rapidly upskill your workforce in New View ideas and practices through engaging and world-leading training

Cost saving benefits

Generate significant cost savings by drawing on internal talent and pre-existing materials that can be quickly adapted to your business context.

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