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What we do

It’s no secret that small business owners wear many ‘hats’. Your diverse and unrelenting business responsibilities leave little time for learning and professional development, especially in specialist topics like HSE. Amongst this busy workplace setting, New View Safety offers many useful resources to make your business better.

New View Safety principles and practices are unique because they shift safety away from an exclusive focus on compliance and bureaucracy (a business cost) and pivot it into a centre for value creation and improved business performance. Tools like decluttering can help you to streamline your safety management system. Safety leadership practices will position you well to inspire your team and embed safety practices into everyday work activities. Work insights will help you to structure your investigations into why work succeeds and why it sometimes fails.

How we help Small Business Managers

Simple introduction

Benefit from a straightforward introduction to New View concepts that will position your business well for new contracts and lucrative opportunities with industry-leading clients.

Improve performance overall

Apply New View practices across your small business – adapting the learning and everyday work-focussed activities and tools to improve overall performance.

Added value, reduced costs

Reduce costly and non-value-adding bureaucracy as part of clunky safety management system packages, making your job as a small business owner much easier.

Essential benefits for Small Business Owners

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