What is it?

This masterclass is a 10-week engaging learning experience that gives participants the practical learning and tools needed to make a meaningful and impactful change to existing health and safety management through the application of New View theory. Online and self-paced learning done at your convenience is extended through interactive live discussions and a suite of weekly tools and resources that can be applied straight away. In short, New View Safety takes the labour out of safety innovation and gives you a head-start to evolving the way health and safety is done, leading to sustained positive performance improvements. 

The Masterclass is also available as a more flexible self-paced learning experience, which also comes with a reduced cost. For just $1,000 AUD, experience the full 10-week Masterclass (just without the  weekly live Zoom sessions). You will still receive all videos, learning activities, tools, and templates as part of the self-paced Masterclass option.

Why take the masterclass?

This masterclass takes the confusion and ambiguity out of New View Safety ideas. We have distilled decades of combined experience into a focussed 10-week program that covers all the major learning topics associated with innovative safety thinking. Endorsement by the AIHS brings not only CPD points for members, but reassurance that you are investing in a high-quality and peer-reviewed training program.

Advice you can use

Benefit from our work to translate New View Safety ideas and theories into practical advice, tools, and resources you can instantly use.

Accelerate your learning

Accelerate your own professional learning and development, improving employability or promotion potential, and building credibility around safety.

Measure success

Gather the evidence to measure success and capture the impact your safety evolution has had on the organisation and its people.

Your learning journey

Participants of the Safety Innovation masterclass will experience a rich blended learning experience. Combining professional video lectures with quizzes, reflective activities, and various tools and templates with a weekly live discussion with peers and our experts, this masterclass is a wise investment for any ambitious health and safety professional. Also, we have partnered with the industry-leading ‘Open LMS’ to provide a convenient central platform and repository of learning materials. We bring a uniquely practice-oriented approach that walks participants through the development of a customised health and safety implementation blueprint.



Module 1


Introduction to New View Safety concepts and how to apply them

Module 2


Leadership practices to inspire and support your safety evolution

Module 3


Manage the process of organisational change to achieve sustainable impact

Module 4


A comprehensive framework to guide safety measurement

Module 5


Streamline your safety management system to achieve efficiency and uptake

Module 6


Tips and tactics to influence frontline practices through safety communication

Module 7


Learn from everyday work through Work Insights

Module 8


Shift from a retributive and blame-oriented culture to a restorative culture

Module 9


Implement Learning Teams and develop new safety solutions and insights

Module 10


Apply coaching skills and embed your safety evolution

Who’s it run by?

Dr Tristan Casey

Dr Tristan Casey is an expert scientist-practitioner who has published ground-breaking New View Safety research and developed numerous tools and resources for implementation.

Kym Bancroft

Kym Bancroft is an experienced health and safety executive who has led the design and implementation of New View Safety across multiple industries.

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