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Health and safety should be a value-creating function in organisations. Going beyond compliance means that safety must evolve towards a work performance optimisation process, learning from everyday activities, balancing reactions to failure with the proactive creation of success, and building enabling structures, systems, and processes.

Health and safety is a central component to broader ESG strategies, which have long been shown to produce financial, cultural, and business performance benefits. Further, employee wellbeing initiatives are gaining momentum, and the New View of safety provides new ways to achieve psychologically safe and healthy work environments.

We help executives to form new health and safety strategies that incorporate both prevention and promotion orientations. We assist executives to design effective health and safety measurement frameworks that give new insights into how safety can be achieved, the current state of safety, and performance outcomes.

How we help Executives

Strategies that work

Developing New View-inspired health and safety strategies that integrate with broader ESG/CSR initiatives, and bring new business benefits.

Insights and measurement tools

Providing the tools and insights that drive innovative New View measurement frameworks and accountability-creating indicators.

Training programs

Create bespoke New View training programs that operationalise health and safety strategy and build workforce capability.

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