What is it?

Safety Innovation toolkits are designed for specific niche areas of safety management that can benefit from innovation. Across multiple topics, we offer short, focussed films that explain key topics, persuasive and informative flyers, various templates and documents, procedures, checklists, and even assessment tools that will help you improve the way you approach safety.

For example, safety audits are typically done for reasons that may not produce tangible benefits to the organisation apart from achieving certification. Our safety auditing toolkit applies the latest science and practice to evolve your approach away from a compliance-driven and bureaucratic exercise in ‘demonstrating’ safety, and towards an activity that contributes to meaningful improvements in the safety of work.

Why use the toolkits?

Our toolkits incorporate the latest safety science and provide step-by-step guidance to implement them through integrating with existing processes and practices. Rather than suggesting you radically transform or completely change the way you manage safety, New View Safety offers a more realistic approach that seeks to incrementally improve how things are done in your organisation.

Targeted toolkits

Targeted toolkits derived from extensive and cutting-edge safety science

Integrate existing HSE proceses

Integrate the New View Safety toolkits with existing HSE management activities and processes

Change the way you manage HSE

Leverage our cost-effective toolkits to incrementally change the way you manage HSE and produce substantial performance improvements

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